Personal data processing charter

By completing the form on this site, you consent to the processing of your personal information and authorise CEGEDIM, as data controller, to collect and process personal information about you in its database, namely, your first name and surname, home address, phone number, training, work experience, degrees, awards, interview summaries, etc., and, more broadly, any information and personal data which you communicate spontaneously as part of your application.

CEGEDIM informs you that it may also enhance your profile with information about you, namely information collected (i) during its interactions with you, whether written, via telephone or physical interviews and (ii) from professional social networks or from any public information source, when such information is relevant to the management of your application.

This information is subject to computer processing for the management of your application. Your data may also be included in a CV library which will enable CEGEDIM to provide you with other offers, where applicable.

To facilitate internal and external recruitment, CEGEDIM uses the DigitalRecruiters software, published by the company BANKESS, to share job offers and to collect and manage applications. CEGEDIM acts as the controller of the personal data communicated and BANKESS acts as a subcontractor.

Given its ultimate purpose, that of processing the personal data of candidates responding to job offers and including candidates’ data in the CV library of CEGEDIM the processing of your personal data is required to pursue the legitimate interests of CEGEDIM namely the management of its recruitment processes, as well as the performance of pre-contractual measures which may exist between CEGEDIM and candidates responding to job offers.

This data is hosted in France and will be sent to the people in charge of recruitment within CEGEDIM to enable them to study your application.

Responses for fields marked with an asterisk are obligatory and failure to enter a response is likely to compromise the follow-up of your application. In other cases, they are optional and of no consequence to your application.

By accepting the conditions of this charter, you authorise CEGEDIM to communicate, where necessary, your personal data to other companies within the group, including companies which may be located outside the European Union, to manage your application and to enhance its CV library. CEGEDIM declares that it has taken the necessary measures to oversee transfers outside the European Union and to protect your personal data. Upon request to CEGEDIM you can request comprehensive information about the data transferred, the precise recipients of the information and the means implemented to oversee this transfer.

The personal data of external candidates will be kept for a maximum period of 2 years after the last contact with our recruitment department, the concept of “last contact” being understood as the date on which you consented to the collection of your data. For internal applications, personal data is kept for as long as the employee stays with the company.

We inform you that your personal data is computerised and processed confidentially, with guarantees that personal data put online will be kept secure and confidential.

As a subcontractor of CEGEDIM the company BANKESS is authorised to access your personal information when necessary, particularly as part of its administrative tasks and maintenance of the Company’s career site and the application management tool, but cannot communicate this data to its own subcontractors without obtaining the prior agreement of the Company. BANKESS may be required to pass on your personal data to a judicial authority, at its request.

You can exercise your right to object for legitimate reasons at any time, as well as your rights to access, rectify and delete your personal data by writing to the following address :

You can contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of the data controller who is Philippe HAMONYou also have the right to ask CEGEDIM to send you all your personal data in a structured format.

In any case and if necessary, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL, the French National Data Protection Commission (